Low budget investments: Real Estate Vs. Fixed Deposits

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Low budget investments: Real Estate Vs. Fixed Deposits

Post  unnatifortunearanyanoida on Fri Feb 15, 2013 11:56 pm

Better Profits: When it comes to investments in real estate, it will surely bring better profits as the percentage of rise in prices is more than the percentage of rise in interest in fixed deposits.

Returns on investments: If the investor wishes to invest in fixed deposits, he/she will be getting the interest on amount given but in real estate, there are different projects with assured return scheme. Under this, the buyer initially needs to pay a particular percentage of total amount and gets assured return on total price.

Dual utilization: In case of real estate, the buyer can use the property for renting and also gets the better prices for the property after a particular time span but in case of fixed deposits, the investor only gets the interests.

Tax Benefits: All the fixed deposits do not ensure tax benefits to the investors whereas the low budget real estate investments surely help the investors in saving tax.

Good future prospects: Real estate is surely a better option for investment as the prices of properties keep rising whereas one has to invest in fixed deposits as per the prevailing interest rate, which remains same for the tenure.


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